Irrespective of the size, type or age of building, fire detection and fire suppression are extremely important. Even if you are insured against fire and subsequent loss, your insurance company may compensate for loss of equipment and building structure, but nothing can restore the loss of precious lives.

There are many different types of commercial fire alarms available and we can help you in providing the right system for your building, whether you are upgrading or installing a fire alarm system for the first time.

We offer conventional fire alarm systems which are mostly suitable for smaller premises such as shops and small offices. Our range of addressable fire alarm systems is suitable for larger premises and allows you to see exactly where the fire is in the building. In addition, wireless commercial fire alarm systems are suitable in case where no provisions exists for running cables and are ideal for premises which are spread out over a number of buildings such as schools or university campuses or historical buildings such as churches and museums.

  • Advanced / MxPro Multiprotocol Panels

  • Advanced Fire Paging & Deaf Alert

  • Advanced Extinguishing Control

  • Advanced Software For Fire Systems

  • Air Aspiration Sensing Technology Systems