Whether you are interested in a single zone public address system for announcements and background music or an advanced multi-zone public address system with multiple audio sources such as multiple microphone stations, CD players, MP3 players and Internet Radio players, we can help you do it right.

Our range of products in public address systems start from simple yet effective single-zone systems to advanced wireless and IP-based public address systems suitable for large multi-purpose buildings where public address is of major importance. Our Public Address  Systems offer integration capabilities and for example they can be integrated to fire alarm systems to provide automatic evacuation announcements in case of a fire alarm.

All our Public Address  Systems combine the very latest technology in amplifiers, mixers, equalizers, microphones, audio sources and speakers to bring an ideal audio environment to modern public spaces.

  • 100V PA Speakers

  • Multi Disc CD Players

  • Multi Zone Amplifiers

  • Mixers

  • Microphones