It’s true that energy bills are skyrocketing in Cyprus. Aren’t they always? And it’s not like energy is something you can do without. Certainly, you can do without wasting energy and your money each and every month. Our energy saving solutions let you save energy without even trying.

Your central heating thermostat, air-conditioners and lights — are the three biggest energy guzzlers in your home — use only the power they need, and save every degree of temperature that isn’t necessary. Everything is done automatically! All day. Every day. You can use our energy saving solutions with other electronic devices in your home. Have your TV, Satellite Receiver and other audio and video equipment which is usually left on stand-by, turned off automatically when you arm your security system and leave home. You can even monitor the actual energy usage, anytime, from anywhere using your favorable smartphone or tablet.

Our energy saving solutions utilize state-of-the-art technologies that are based on Z-Wave Vera Lite and Vera 3 smart home controllers. These wireless solutions can be implemented in existing homes with no provisions as well as in homes under construction. The Vera range of smart home controllers are combined with a wide range of Z-Wave devices also provide a simple, affordable and expandable home automation & security platform.

  • Z-Wave Appliances Control

  • Vera Lite Smart Home Controller

  • Vera Energy Monitoring

  • Vera 3 Controller