The security and fire alarm system is the heart of an intelligent home! More and more people have started to realise the importance and benefits of installing a security alarm system in Cyprus. Homeowners who choose to install a modern security alarm system have peace of mind when it comes to protection from burglars or fire. Cytech Comfort is the most advanced, full-featured security alarm solution which also combines fire alarm.

Cytech Comfort is is EN50131-compliant and is implemented in Cyprus by BIAS, since 2001. The security alarm system includes a voice dialer, telephone control, multiple security modes, and can be expanded to operate as a home automation system. In the event of any alarm, the Cytech Comfort security alarm system calls you and provides real time alarm tracking, announcing the nature of the alarm and where the intruder is. You can also listen to what is happening in the house through any of the keypads with built in microphone and speaker, to verify there is actually a break-in.

You can use your iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet or Android Phone to access your Comfort security alarm system wherever internet access is available. Or you can use any landline or mobile telephone to control all functions of Comfort security system remotely via the voice menus and check its status whenever you are in Cyprus or abroad. Staying in touch with your home was never easier!

  • iPhone Control

  • PIR Movement Sensor

  • Control Via iPad and Android Tablets

  • Elegant Keypads

  • Smoke Sensors