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Our groundbreaking home automation and control solutions are designed to bring together all of the smart home technologies such as the lighting and climate control, security, cctv cameras, audio, video and internet connectivity that, when working in unison, result in an efficient and comfortable lifestyle.

By combining, BeoLink technology which is integral to each Bang & Olufsen product and the new BeoLiving Intelligence which is a “hide-away box” that allows Bang & Olufsen products to connect to other devices, brands and home automation systems or smart devices, we deliver the ultimate Smart Home experience.

Imagine a home that welcomes you the minute you step through the door. As you return home, enjoy smart home automation by disarming the security system. Your intelligent smart home automatically turns on specific lights in the house, opens the curtains, sets the temperature at a comfort level and plays your favorite music in the living room! As you move around your home, just touch the other Bang & Olufsen multiroom products and they are instantly and seamlessly united with the rest of the setup. One Touch on a Bang & Olufsen product is all it takes to join or start the music stream.

This is the new BeoLiving Intelligence!

Be in total control of your home even when you are traveling thousand miles away by just using your favorable smartphone or tablet and thecustom-made graphical user interface that allows you to check the security system, lights, air-conditioning and heating, CCTV Cameras and so much more. Enjoy the power of Bang & Olufsen home integration. Virtually everything you own is yours to control. All, at the touch of a button.

Let us help you design your system that is exactly right for your lifestyle. Tell us how you live, what you want to be able to do and we will come back with a solution and selection of options for you to choose.

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