Today’s society daily lives and works with poisonous and flammable gases / vapours. Gas is an economical, functional and comfortable commodity. But one which can become dangerous if it gets out of control. BIAS represents KIMESSA AG, a Swiss innovator in the design and manufacture of electronic Gas Detection And Monitoring solutions. Thanks to KIMESSA ingenious technical solutions we are able to offer versatile gas detection and monitoring systems. KIMESSA products are subject to thorough quality control. All the products are manufactured using innovative production techniques.

KIMESSA has achieved worldwide notable success with their acclaimed Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitoring and control equipment in the underground car park market. The equipment is designed to compliment specialist ventilation systems with some of the world’s leading companies in this field. CO/NOx/LPG measurement and control units are one of the basic pieces of equipment in parking garages, underground card parks, tunnels and other spaces where natural ventilation is inadequate. In those cases carbon monoxide can pose a major risk to human health. In addition, our gas detection and monitoring systems offer energy saving through regulation of the ventilation systems. The CANline control unit, with its innovative technology, offers a dedicated multifunctional approach to regulating and controlling ventilation equipment. Utilising reliable electrochemical sensor technology, a number of digital BUS CO Detectors may be zoned to measure CO and control the ventilation. In this way, energy costs can be streamlined while operating effective air quality control and minimise risk to human health.

BIAS also offers the complete range of KIMESSA fixed gas detection and monitoring solutions with customers drawn from industries including HVAC, laboratories, refrigeration, process, waste water, water treatment, food and brewing. Utilising an extensive range of control units and fixed gas sensors incorporating infra red, electrochemical, thermocatalytic and semiconductor gas monitor technology, we provide our clients with dedicated gas detection solutions.

Saving energy, safety, and clean air are requirements that everyone complies with today. Contact us today for more information on the realisation of a gas detection and monitoring solution that will fully meet your requirements and budget.

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