New GSM Module

We are pleased to announce that Cytech has released a new GSM Module for the advanced Comfort Security and Home Automation System.

The new UCM/GSM4 Module has the following features and improvements to the SMS functions:

  • Send “?” or any invalid text to UCM/GSM will cause a Help message to be returned by SMS. The Help messages will include commands to query, arm and disarm the security system, as well as commands for the Control Menu to query and control devices
  • When UCM/GSM sends SMS messages to programmed phones, the alarm names, Zone Names, and User names can have up to 32 characters. The SMS alarm messages will be preceded with a Time Stamp so it can be seen when the SMS is sent – this is useful because of possible delays to SMS caused by the GSM network
  • User Names can be sent in SMS messages e.g. when the system is armed and disarmed instead of User Numbers
  • Each of the max 8 programmed phones can be individually authorised to Arm, Disarm, and Control Comfort
  • 2 Phone numbers can be programmed to send SMS in case the UCM/GSM loses communications with Comfort (in addition to the 8 numbers)
  • Non-english alphabets are supported
  • Long text messages more than 160 characters are concatenated into a single message

If you are interested to have the new GSM Module installed or if you already have a UCM/GSM module and you are interested to upgrade it please contact us for further details.

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