Our WiFi network solutions for businesses will help you create a safe, secure and reliable WiFi network through-out your premises that will be easy to manage, monitor and expand to meet your future needs. Our WiFi network solutions offer advanced features such as two unique networks SSIDs, one “public” and one “private.”

Your guests can be given access to your public WiFi network while your private WiFi network can work seamlessly as an extension of your LAN. Your WiFi network can independently be renamed, left visible or hidden, and left open or password-protected with WPA/WPA2 encryption. You will be able to easily customize it to meet your needs.

With a built-in splash page editor and vouchers, you can control access on a per-user basis by generating unique codes you can provide to users. Vouchers can be set to specific time increments or bandwidth tiers, ideal for hotels, coffee shops, apartments, etc. where you want to limit access to users who you authorize to use the network for a specific period of time. The possibilities are endless and will guarantee a great user experience!

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