It is of great importance in Cyprus to install a security alarm system at your business premises. As per the Cyprus Criminal Statistics of 2008, 32% of offences against property were committed in offices, shops and factories. BIAS advanced security alarm systems comply with BS EN 50131, Grade 3 European Standard and will provide the ultimate protection of your premises from intruders.

Even if you are insured against theft and subsequent loss, your insurance company may compensate for loss of equipment but it will take quite a lot of your precious time to recover, replace and be fully operational. There are two major types of commercial security alarm systems and we can help you in providing the right system for your building, whether you are upgrading or installing a system for the first time.

We offer hard-wired security alarm systems which are mostly suitable when cabling provisions exist and wireless security systems in case of no such provisions. Both types of security alarm systems utilize movement detectors, door and windows magnetic contacts, glass break and shock sensors, beam detectors that offer protection against unauthorized entry and break-in.

  • Wired Security Control Panels

  • Wireless Security Control Panels

  • Wired Security Keyads

  • Wireless Security Keypads

  • Control via iPhone, iPad and Android Devices