Smart home automation scenarios automatically control your electric curtains, blinds and shutters to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter allowing you to save energy and lower your cooling and heating energy consumption and costs!

You can even have central control of all your electric shading devices from your favorable smartphone or tablet being an iPhone, iPad or Android device. For example, you can choose to close all bedrooms curtains from the comfort of your sofa. You can also easily set electronic time programs to open and close specific curtains at certain times to suit your daily routine.

Integrate your curtains and blinds control with the security system to provide additional security to your home. Your electric shutters can automatically close when you leave the house or at night. You can also have them opened and closed at random times when you go on holidays to simulate occupancy and deter prowlers.

  • Centralized Control Of Electric Rollers

  • Control Of Electric Curtains Via iPhone

  • Control of Electric Rollers Via iPad and Android Tablets

  • Fibaro Roller Shutter Module

  • Velbus Blind Control Module