An audiophile who has heard an unusually high quality recording in a high quality listening room, reproduced with high quality audio components, may spend a lifetime trying to duplicate that experience. We aim to provide solutions that can help achieve that!

BIAS solutions offer the necessary equipment for playing music from a wide variety of sources such as vinyl records, compact discs and digital audio files in either uncompressed formats or ones that are compressed using lossless data compression like MQA, FLAC, Windows Media Audio Lossless and Apple Lossless. These digital audio files can be streamed from services such as Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal or from your Network Attached Storage that enables sharing across all family members.

BIAS offerings in Cyprus are complete starting from amplifiers based on solid-state technology, vacuum-tube (valve) or hybrid technology. These are then combined with the required Hi-Fi music sources such as turntables, CD players, network music players and matching loudspeakers.

BIAS is the authorised Cyprus retailer of Bang & Olufsen. For the lovers of Bang & Olufsen advanced solid-state tehncology and extraordinary design, BIAS offers the complete range of Bang & Olufsen high-end sound systems and televisions.

If on the otherhand, you believe that tubes are the sonically superior technology for audio then we propose Tsakiridis Devices. Tsakiridis Devices produce affordable high-end audio equipment for music lovers all over the world. We offer Tsakiridis Devices complete range of tube preamplifiers and amplifiers to suit every need and budget.

A matching turntable from Pro-ject Audio Systems wide range offers a great experience to the lovers of vinyl. For those having a selection of CDs a high-end CD player from Onkyo is the ideal source of high quality audio. For those who prefer using a streaming music service like Spotify or Deezer or have a library of music files then a non-compromise hi-fi Network Music Player like Beosound Core is the answer. For an audiophile hi-end network music player which effortlessly plays everything from DSD through high-res PCM to mainstream formats FLAC, Apple Lossless, MP3 and Internet radio streams Lumin offers a wide range of excellent choices.

The picture is finalised by the selection of the best matching speaker set. Either a bookshelf high-end speaker set from Polk Audio or an outstanding floor standing speaker set from Definitive Technology will ensure your world is filled with a wide and dynamic soundstage for hours of great music listening.

  • Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90

  • Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50

  • Bang & Olufsen Beolab 18

  • Lumin D2 Network Player

  • Lumin D2 Network Player

  • Bang & Olufsen Bronze Speaker Collection

    bang and Olufsen bronze
  • Tsakiridis Aeolos Tube Amplifier

    tsakiridis aelos
  • Tsakiridis Apollon Tube Power Amplifier

    tsakiridis apollon