Setting up your home network involves more than just purchasing and plugging in a router. You don’t need to learn how to configure proper IP addressing, lock down the network from intruders, create accounts for everyone who gets access, and set up sharing for files, folders and printers.

Home network setup doesn’t mean that it has to be a nightmare for you. We can set it up for you and deliver a fully managed and centrally controlled, robust and secured home network that will include whole-house WiFi coverage. If you wish we will also setup your WiFi to broadcast two unique networks, one “public” and one “private.” Your guests can be given access to your public home network while your private network can work seamlessly as an extension of your LAN. Your WiFi home network can independently be renamed, left visible or hidden, and left open or password-protected with WPA/WPA2 encryption. You will be able to easily customize it to meet your current and future needs.

Having a good handle on your network will also allow for more efficient control over remote access to your home automation, multi room audio, home cinema and security system as well to your CCTV cameras.  You will also have the ability to monitor what children are accessing and control access to suit your changing needs.

  • Whole House WiFi

  • Network Extenders & Gateways

  • Outdoor WiFi