Create the perfect lighting for your home using our intelligent lighting control and management systems. Lighting control transforms every room of your smart home from bright and airy to dusky and romantic with just a touch on your smartphone or the click of a switch. By giving you a choice of different light levels and colours, lighting controls allow you to create moods and visual scenes to accommodate your preferences or to change the ambiance of a room. You can program a scene consistent with a relaxing evening, a late night party, a holiday dinner or anything else you can think of.

BIAS lighting control solutions, also offer energy-saving benefits by turning off the lights when they are not being used or by dimming the lights while they are on. Intelligent lighting scenarios are designed to control your lights based on time of day, motion, security mode, and many other factors. Every stylish wall switch can now replace up to 32 standard 1-gang switches meaning your walls are no longer clustered with gangs of wall switches.

Integrate your lighting control with the security system to provide additional security to your home. Your lights can be automatically switched on when you return home at night. You can also have them switched on at random times when you go on holidays to simulate occupancy and deter prowlers.

  • Clipsal C-Bus Saturn Glass Switches

  • Clipsal C-Bus Touch Screens

  • Velbus Glass Switch 32-Scenes

  • Fibaro RGBW Controller

  • Fibaro Dimmer Module

  • Fibaro Relay Switch

  • Fibaro Wall Plug