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Yes, even if your house does not have any provisions we offer solutions that use wireless technologies including Z-Wave and WiFi. Please contact us for further details.

The installation of the provisions for a smart home solution  is usually done after the construction of the walls. However, there are cases where some provisions need to be placed in the concrete structure. Therefore, we recommend to plan for a smart home solution as soon as you have the final set of drawings ready.

Yes! Our advanced security alarm systems are able to provide you with full details of an event when you are away. The system can call you to predefined telephone numbers. After you answer the call the system will announce the type of alarm (e.g. intruder alarm, fire alarm, power failure, etc) the zone (kitchen area, living room area) and the date and time.  The system talks to you with real human voice in Greek (or English) and guides you through the various options. You are in full control, where ever you are. And best of all, you don’t have to pay any monthly fees!

Our advanced alarm systems use a special logic to filter out false alarms. In addition, in case of an alarm you can use your phone to connect to the alarm system and hear for any strange or suspicious sounds in your house. Audio verification is a useful feature that provides peace of mind when you are away!

Yes, our advanced alarm systems can optionally notify you by SMS and email, providing details of the alarm (e.g. Intruder Alarm, Kitchen Area 15/7 10:37am). All you need is a standard GSM SIM card (for SMS communication) and an internet connection (for email communication).

Yes, our home automation solutions allow you to do that. We can install a button at the main exit that you will use to switch off all the lights, equipment and devices when you leave your house. Or we can integrate home automation to your security system so when you arm your security system to Away Mode, it will also send commands to switch off all lights, air-condtioning and heating.

Yes! All our solutions offer you the option to have full control of your home using APPs. APPs are available for IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc) and Android Devices. You will  be able to connect to your home systems locally using your WiFi network or remotely from any location in the world where WiFi is available.

Yes! Just check that you have GSM reception at your country house. Then, we can install a GSM controlled system that will allow you to control switch on your heating by just sending a text message!

Yes, we offer WiFi Cameras that can be easily installed and setup to allow you to view and hear your baby when you are away. All you need is a smartphone with a WiFi connection or a PC with a web broswer.

You can give to your house an “Occupied Look”. For example, your door videphone can call you when you are away any someone presses the doorbell. You can talk to the visitor. If he is a prowler he will then walk away! Or you can have your curtains or roller shutters close or open at random times. You can even have the radio switched on automatically to make a Live Look! Please contact us for further details.

Yes you can! Our videophone solutions will take a photo of the visitor when the doorbell is pressed and keep it in the memory so you can check it when you return home. You can also have some CCTV outdoor cameras installed. On motion detection, the video will be recorded so you can view who visited your house while you eas away or at night.

Yes, our solutions allow us to install all the speakers in the false ceilings, walls or furnitures. We can even hide away in cabinets or furniture all the equipment such as the AV Receiver and the Blu Ray player. Even hidden away, you will still be able to control them via WiFi using your smartphone!

Yes, our multi-room audio solutions support high quality music files such as FLAC and Apple Lossless. Even if your house does not have any provisions, we offer solutions that use wireless technologies such as WiFi that will enable you to enjoy your favourable music in every room!

Yes, our lighting control solutions offer you the ability to control your entire house lights using only a few, stylish switches that will be positioned at key locations. We can do this because from one light switch you can control up to 32 different lights in any room.  This offers you great flexibility and an asthetically pleasant decor!

Even if your house does not have a provision for controlling the new LED dimmable lights we can help you. Our lighting control solutions can be applied for single or multiple LED lights an allow you to create the best possible ambiance!

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