We understand the importance of rising energy prices in Cyprus and growing concerns of climate change. With this in mind we aim to provide solutions that help you improve on energy usage, are kinder to the environment, as well as your pocket. BIAS climate control solutions utilize some really amazing products that help you control your heating and air-conditioning. Our solutions include the Heatmiser range of stylish, wired and wireless thermostats which provide total heating in the palm of your hand using your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows smart phone and tablet.

The Heatmiser thermostats are available in various models that enable control of central heating, floor heating and hot water. They also offer multi zone control so you can enjoy the ideal temperature in every room. They use wired and wireless technologies and they can easily replace your existing thermostats and timers without re-wiring. The intelligent wireless thermostats offer advanced programmable, digital time programs and energy management features.

Control of air-conditioning is also of paramount importance. You can now switch on the air-conditioning when you leave your work to find a comfortable climate on your return home.

The integration of heating and air-conditioning control with the home automation and security system will enable you to safe energy by automatically switch off the air conditioning and heating in rooms without occupancy or when you leave your home. You will also be able to control your air conditioning and heating anytime, from anywhere using your favorable smartphone or tablet and find a comfortable climate on your return home.

  • neoApp, easy, efficient, effective

  • Heatmiser neoKit 2 Glacier White

  • Control From Anywhere

  • neoStat & neoHub

  • Heatmiser neoStat Programmable Thermostat – Glacier White

  • Heatmiser neoStat Programmable Thermostat – Sapphire Black

  • Heatmiser neoStat Programmable Thermostat – Sapphire Black

  • WiFi Wireless Room Thermostat